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About Greg

After helping kick-start the craft beer revolution in Slovenia - his country of birth - at the beginning of the millenium, Gregor spent the following decade expanding the scene with consulting, promotional and educational activities throughout the country and beyond its borders. Additionally, he introduced new beer styles to the community by being among the first to import traditional Belgian, English and Franconian beers to Slovenia.

With the mission of establishing a flourishing craft beer scene in his home country accomplished, Gregor then set his sights on the legendary German beer city of
Bamberg - famous especially for its smoked beer.

Once in Bamberg, he initially took over the duties of Brewpub and Gastronomy Manager at the world famous
Mahrs Bräu brewery, before moving to Weyermann® Specialty Malts, the world market leader in the area of specialty malts, becoming  the first Official Weyermann® Malt & Craft Beer Ambassador. Here he was responsible for organizing and conducting seminars, representing  the Weyermann® Brand, consulting, leading VIP/technical tours and professional tastings – amongst other duties.

Today, Gregor lives in
Munich, where his life's mission remains the same: to promote and educate the public about craft beer and beer in general.

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