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Services for hospitality professionals

Are you a restaurant or bar owner, manager or Chef? Do you need assistance with setting up your

craft beer menu?

Or do you want to optimize your beer sales?

Maybe you are interested in doing a special beer

& food pairing event in your restaurant or pub?


If this is the case, then our flexible and wide-range

of Hop Monkey® Trainings and Workshops for Hospitality Industry Professionals is the right choice for you.  

We can offer you everything from customized consulting services, workshops and beer seminars for educating your staff to unique beer events in your restaurant or pub for the entertainment and enjoyment of your guests.


In short, we will provide you with an all-round service that will boost your business and leave your guests even more satisfied.

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A special offer for other beer,

beverage & food professionals.

Let's create events together!

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