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"Gregor is an international beer professional with a huge heart.  His love and passion for beer, brewing and hospitality is infectious. Gregor is a top bloke and I wish him well.“

Brad Rogers
Co-founder & Co-owner
Stone & Wood Brewery, Byron Bay, Australia


„We had the pleasure to be hosted by Gregor while he was at Weyerman®. Couldn’t ask for a nicer reception. Very professional and knowledgeable.“

Björn Falkeström
Founder & Owner Oppigårds Bryggeri, Sweden

„Gregor is not only a highly knowledgeable multilingual beer expert who's passionate about sharing his education and enthusiasm with others, he's a truly kind, generous and loyal person who goes out of his way for acquaintances old and new. He once cheerfully took an entire day to drive me around Bavaria to introduce me to female brewers I needed to interview, skillfully interpreting our scientific English-German conversations and, in typical Gregor fashion, making the day more pleasant and fun with his delightful personality. I am genuinely grateful to call him a colleague and friend.“

Tara Nurin, USA

Independent Journalist, Certified BJCP Judge

Contributing author Forbes Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine

Beer seminars‘ tutor at the Smithsonian Institution

„Knowing Gregor Franson for about five years. We actually became good friends at first sight. We both love beer and I always like to talk with him about all the ins- and outs ofbeer, as Gregor has a tremendous knowledge about all facts of beer, no matter if it’s about the taste, the ingredients, the brewing method, Franconian traditional beers, pilseners or the more modern craftbeers.“

Peter Herpertz
Technical Manager Brouwerij De Molen, Netherlands

"If you are looking for a beer savvy person lead a beer appreciation class, private tasting party, team building session, etc, I recommend Gregor. His combination of knowledge, passion, wit and ability to relate to a wide age range makes him the ideal host for such an event."

Stu Stuart

Founder & Owner Bamberg Beer Me! & Belgian Beer Me! Beer Tours, USA

„Greg zeigte ein unglaubliches Gespür im Foodparing. Er setze mit seiner Auswahl an Bieren die richtigen Akzente passend zum Menu, welches immernoch als Highlight in den Köpfen der Gäste ist.“

Michael Hofmann

Inhaber & Geschaftsführer [steel]raum Grills & Lifestyle, Deutschland

„Bei meinem ersten Bier-Tasting hat mir Gregor eine neue Welt des Biergeschmacks eröffnet.

Durch seine Art der Präsentation und seinem Biersachverstand fällt es einem sehr leicht mit Ihm die Geschmacksvielfalt des Bier zu entdecken. Absolute Empfehlung.“

Thomas Ötinger

Geschäftsführer Marcapo – Marken lokal führen, Deutschland

Gregor is well connected around the world and paired with his knowledge and experience, this makes him a true expert.“

Daniel Stenglein

Inhaber & Geschäftsführer Ungespundet - Biertrainings, Deutschland

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